Pindi soya

The culinary essence of Pindi Soya is traditional and authentic Indian cuisine with a strong creative element. The new perspective on Indian food with flavours of Rawalpindi makes the meal a gastronome’s delight. Carrying forward the ethnic character and culinary secrets of your favourite North Indian cuisine, the spicy flavours to the native tastes, Pindi Soya recreates the wholesome and savory magic in its own inimitable style. Our cuisine is a perfect amalgamation of exotic herbs, intense aromas and rich experience. The enticing snacks menu has something to please every palate, from the mundane to the exotic!! Now you know that we are re not going to let you down… Browse Our Mouth Watering Menus to whet your appetite.

At Pindi Soya, we serve simple and uncomplicated food, yet so delicious and tantalizing; the unique taste, richness, flavours and aroma that comes straight from the alleys of Rawalpindi. We are passionate about great hospitality.
We truly care for our guests, and work hard to earn their loyalty through our innovative approach in providing a distinctive and high quality “CULINARY” experience. Our Team is dedicated to creating a scrumptious and memorable experience where uncompromising values are a way of life. Our chefs are encouraged to use their creativity to present signature dishes. “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”
From the warm and robust flavors of Rawalpindi and the refined pleasures of royal Indian traditions, to the delectable flavours from the Punjab; we promise an inspiring culinary experience, unmatched by any other in the entire region. Today, we have perfected the art of this iconic cuisine bringing comfort and succor to diners. Pindi Soya recreates the charm of the traditional clay oven or tandoor with its delicious menu of succulent tandoor-cooked vegetarian kebabs, vegetables and breads.
We are just as concerned about your health as you are. We use no MSG, and less oil and sodium to prepare our food with - your best interests at heart.


pindi soya